Tools of the Trade


When I decided to become a microblading artist and open Altered Aesthetics, I knew that I wanted to offer my clients the best of everything. This included an amazing studio, high quality tools and the best aftercare. Through all of my research on microblading I found Everlasting Brows, Harmony Microblades, Zensa Numbing Cream and Brows Eyes Lips Aftercare. Each of these product lines offer the highest quality of products and tools that I am extremely proud to use at Altered Aesthetics. 

With the popularity of microblading growing so does the amount of companies offering substandard pigments, microblades and other tools. Just search microblading on Amazon and you will find thousands of products anyone can purchase. When choosing an artist, make sure that they are knowledgeable on the products they use and how what they use will benefit you as a client. 

Everlasting Brows Pigments & Supplies

Everlasting Brows is at the forefront of the eyebrow microblading world. Not only do they offer some of the best training, but they have also created a product line that includes some of the BEST pigments and microblades available to certified artists. 

At Altered Aesthetics we only use Everlasting Brows Pigments along with their disposable microblading handles and blades, Feel Better Now Gel and brow rulers. Each of these products allow us to create and achieve amazing brows for each of our clients. 

Everlasting Brows pigments were creates specifically for microblading and are creamy and highly concentrated, ensuring strokes remain crisp and durable. Everlasting Brows pigments are produced in Germany and only contain the highest quality raw ingredients.  Each pigment batch is tested for impurities - and heavy metals and is approved by InkCert; fulfilling all toxicological demand of CoE ResAp. Less impurities mean that skin will be more perceptive to pigment, which will create better healed results. The formula ensures high pigment saturation, without any added water. The pigments are Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, non photo-toxic and they meeting all health standards. 

Everlasting pigments are an innovative mix of organic and inorganic properties, where the largest molecule is yellow - this means healed results will remain true to color and fade into the normal skin tone.  The pigments used are 100% biocompatible calcium sodium phosphosilicate, which acts as an antioxidant protecting the skin, as well as the pigment. This also replaces conventional preservatives and actively kills bacteria and fungi.  It also makes it the most stable non-preservative available on the market. The mineral composition of the substance also promotes healing and reduces itchiness associated with the process. The pigments are PAH, NDELA and preservative free. 

Harmony Microblades & Brow Pencils

Microblading artists that strive for perfection & demand the best for their clients should look no further than Harmony Microblades. Harmony Microblades patented design allows microblading artists to confidently deliver our best work to our most discerning clients! Harmony Microblades offer a wide variety of microblades suitable for every client. Each microblade is EO Gas Sterilized, comes individually packaged and is disposable. The world's best microblading artists use Harmony Microblades and I am thrilled to be able use these on my clients. 

Recently Harmony created the most amazing pre-draw pencils for use during brow mapping to design flawless brows. The Pro Silk Pencil is the ultimate artist tool to create precise hair strokes that easily map out your brow design. 

Zensa Numbing Cream

Zensa Numbing Cream allows clients to stay relaxed through the toughest derma procedures. Zensa is an FDA and Health Canada approved product with 5% Lidocaine that desensitizes skin for painful procedures including tattooing, laser hair removal, waxing, and injections. Also containing health conscious ingredients like purified water and Vitamin E, which provide anti-inflammatory properties, it has a neutral pH and is the most natural numbing cream on the market. Backed by a three-year shelf life, it is also the most stable topical anaesthetic available.

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Brows Eyes Lips Aftercare

Brows Eyes Lips is formulated specifically for the microblading and PMU industry to help artists get the best healed results. A perfectly balanced formula makes a breathable barrier that protects from micro dust and other external factors. It doesn’t clogg pores which rapidly minimizes the chance of aftercare overuse. Itching, redness and rashes can be signs of skin irritation to petro-based (vaseline jelly) and other chemical ingredients found in popular aftercare products. Brows Eyes Lips is made of non-irritating, chemical-free ingredients. Every client who has a microblading session will receive an aftercare kit containing a tube of Brows Eyes Lips Aftercare. 

Having a better understanding of the products and tools that your microblading artist uses is crucial to choosing the right artist. Make sure they know and understand the products they are using on you so that you get the best results possible from your microblading.

At Altered Aesthetics we are extremely proud of the products we use and can answer any questions you may have about them. 

To learn more about microblading, the products we use schedule a consultation today!