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Microblading Session Part 2: Numbing/Anesthetic

The most asked question I get when I speak to someone about microblading is, does it hurt? Now, the answer to this is not always a simple and quick one, but I want to shed some light on the second part of the microblading process.

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Tools of the Trade

When I decided to become a microblading artist and open Altered Aesthetics, I knew that I wanted to offer my clients the best of everything. This included an amazing studio, high quality tools and the best aftercare. Through all of my research on microblading I found Everlasting Brows, Harmony Microblades, Zensa Numbing Cream and Brows Eyes Lips Aftercare.

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Microblading vs. Permanent Makeup - What's the Difference?

So what exactly is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup? For anyone interested in microblading it’s an understandable and expected question to be asked. Even though cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup have been around for years (the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals celebrated 25 years in 2015), microblading is a relatively new form of semi-permanent makeup that has only started to take off in the last 3-4 years.

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